Sommer has never conformed to expectations; she redefines them! As a fiercely independent, curious and competitive child, she excelled in martial arts as well as classical flute; she adored both calculus and foreign languages; she attended Catholic school but wore only black.

While completing her masters degree in computer science at Stanford University, Sommer’s diverse passions for the arts and athletics began to evolve into aerial performance. Fusing both the left and right sides of her brain, she learned to climb, twist and fall with the curiosity of a child, power of a gymnast and the precision of an engineer.

Today, Sommer combines her musicality, strength and attention to detail as an aerialist on tissú and vertical rope. Expect only the unexpected as she weaves stories from the fabric of life we all share.



Specializing in tissú and vertical rope, I fuse my diverse backgrounds in classical flute, martial arts and engineering, to bring powerful stories to life on stage.

Aerial Acrobatics; Since 2008

Circus Center, San Francisco, CA: Elena Panova (trapeze), Jeremy Sheets (rope) Kinetic Arts Center, Oakland, CA: Jaron Hollander (rope), TT Robson (tissu) SANCA, Seattle, WA: Terry Crane (rope)

Dance; 7 years

Social and partner dancing, swing: Stanford University, 3 years Classical Ballet, Modern, Hip hop: Lines Ballet, Mary Carbonara, 4 years

Martial Arts; 9 years

Wu Ying Tao: kata, nunchaku, tournament sparring, board breaking, 7 years Shorin-ryu : tournament sparring, 2 years

Other Skills

Classical flute: amateur and professional, 24 years
Basic juggling, Rubix cube, basic tumbling, improv (3 years)
Other languages: Spanish (proficient), French (basic), German (basic)

Acrobatic Conundrum

San Francisco Aerial Arts Festival, 2018. Rope artist

EG Conference Closing Act, 2018

Love & Gravity USA Tour, 2016. Stage manager, rope artist

TEDx Performance, 2015. Rope artist
Volume III, 2014. Rope artist

Hubba Hubba Revue

Recurring soloist, rope and tissu, 2012 - 2014

Steamstock Music Festival

Special aerial guest acts, rope and tissu, 2012 and 2013

1015 Folsom Nightclub

Resident aerialist, rope, sling, tissu, 2013 - 2014

DNA Lounge

Regular guest artist, 2010-2016. Rope and tissu



You can find my group tissu and rope classes at Aerial Artique on Saturdays.

I also offer private instruction at both Aerial Artique and Circus Center. For inquiries regarding private lessons, you may also contact me directly.